Our rapidly growing leadership team shares a passion for education.


Picture by Marcus Bowers

Bladimir Garcia, President and Senior Consultant

Bladimir Garcia has more than twelve years of experience in the education sector. He has worked in public and charter schools in New York City, has taught at universities abroad and held leadership positions at renowned institutions and community organizations. Founder and President at Philosophy Kids in New York City, Bladimir's leadership experience is always motivated by the prospect of creating a powerful workplace culture that brings out the highest performance in staff members. He attended Columbia University for undergraduate and Saint John's University for graduate studies. He is currently attending Villanova University in Pennsylvania. He has published articles on international economic relations, the philosophy of cognition and the poetics of teaching, a cornerstone of Stenhouse's core approach. 

Aaron Gifford, Business Development Specialist

Aaron Gifford is a Business Development Specialist at Stenhouse responsible for providing fundamental analysis regarding the development of education throughout Latin America. Aaron is also currently an investment analyst based in New York City at a leading international bank headquartered in London. In this capacity, Aaron identifies investment opportunities within Latin America based on the financial, economic, and political landscape of each country.

Additionally, he travels frequently to the region and meets with government officials on a regular basis. Aaron has lived and worked in Latin America for two years and is fluent in Spanish. He has a degree in finance from Brigham Young University's Marriott School of Management, a top-tier business school in the United States.

Betania Garcia, Executive Assistant

Betania Garcia has been an educator all her life. She has worked at the elementary and middle school levels abroad and, after a short time away from education, has recently joined Stenhouse's team driven by her deep commitment to making high quality education available to all children everywhere.  

With a degree in Early Childhood Education and a wealth of best practice research both in the charter and public school sectors in New York City, Betania is a key figure in Stenhouse's leadership team.   

Daniel Thomson, Language Acquisition Specialist

Daniel Thomson is a veteran teacher with expertise in ESL. As a specialist in second language acquisition, he has taught English Language Arts, Science, History at the elementary, middle, and high school levels while developing fundamental language skills in all English Language Learners. Daniel has mentored many young teachers. He is passionate about language acquisition, education reform, teacher evaluation, and decreasing the achievement gap in lower-income and immigrant populations.   

Daniel has degrees from Brigham Young University and the City College of New York. In addition, after spending over two years in South Korea, Daniel is fluent in Korean.