We love transparency.

We’re big about transparency, period. We believe that nonprofit organizations have a moral responsibility to the public they serve; this is why we adhere to a set of principles that is periodically revisited by the Board of Directors.

We are committed to:

  • making all documents related to our program available to donors and the general public;

  • provide upon request any additional document the public may ask for;

  • alert our Board members and the public should important issues related to transparency arise within our organization.

We value your trust.

We wholeheartedly value transparency because it is what we expect from other nonprofit organization. Our commitment to transparency affects how we communicate internally (for example, everyone in the organization gets to see how we are doing against our targets every quarter), how we communicate to our public, and also how we advertise our services. This does not always feel natural, but we believe transparency is critical when individuals and families are putting their trust in us.